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An experienced, RGD certified graphic and production designer with a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design. Over 9 years of experience in studio and corporate environments. Can:

  • create 100pg document layouts in Adobe InDesign CC

  • craft complex 2D and 3D illustrations in Adobe Illustrator CC

  • build 50+ layer composite images using Adobe Photoshop CC

  • work with Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint

  • design multi fold brochures of varying formats

  • create logos for corporate identities and stationery

  • put together event marketing collateral for digital and print media

  • create custom illustrations by hand, on paper or computer

  • write for blogs, websites and printed documents

  • photograph using professional camera equipment

Also, a well mannered and curious individual who listens well to what others have to say and is very cooperative. Achieves results by staying optimistic in the face of demanding projects, and thrives within a team environment. Find out more about me on my RGD online profile.

Always looking to collaborate!

Please leave me your name, email and message, and I will be back in touch with you shortly. I'm always excited to meet new people! Alternatively, we can connect on Linked-In.